Interview with Stéphane Roussel (RAJA Transport Director) and Nathalie Da Cruz (RAJA Delivery Manager)

What are the key elements that interested Raja in the Vert chez Vous au fil de l'Eau project?

The collaboration between Raja and Vert chez Vous was born from a convergence of points of view.

Raja was initially interested in the originality of the project. The distribution method proposed by Vert chez Vous is new and very relevant in terms of brand image in Paris. The VcV model responds to an imperative that is imposed on any Parisian company: how to distribute its goods while freeing itself from an hour and a half of traffic jams lost on the approach to the capital. Finally, the bicycle is the ideal vehicle to fit into Parisian traffic without being locked in.

In view of these various elements, the Vert chez Vous solution has been validated as an appropriate response to the constraint of transport in Paris.

Is it important to choose the bicycle as a distribution method?

The distribution of goods by bicycle necessarily has a strong impact in terms of communication. It is no longer a question of running 2 or 3 tricycles, but of deploying a distribution solution in the capital. The Green at Home offer has obviously convinced, and naturally, everyone is talking about it.

As a client associated with the deployment of this project, we are taking advantage of this phenomenon in terms of image and positive impact. This clean distribution has had an unexpected impact on our customers who welcome our choice and commitment. The phenomenon has grown to such an extent that our marketing department now measures the positive effects by means of a satisfaction survey.

Has the economic aspect of your distribution been degraded by your social commitment?

No, quite the opposite. During our studies, we found that the rates offered by Vert chez Vous were in line with the prices charged on the market.

After our first weeks of collaboration, the originality of the solution and its commitment to the preservation of urban centers, we are convinced that Vert chez Vous fits perfectly into our business model, the positive impact in terms of image... as a bonus.

Do you have an initial feedback in terms of service level and overall quality?

Quality is a key factor in our offer. Here again, the solution offered by Vert chez Vous strengthens our customer relationship. 100% of deliveries are made on D+1, in accordance with our request. As for misguided and other transportation anomalies, there simply aren't any. We deliver a barge, on which the tours are prepared. The bike picks up its orders and delivers them. The simplicity of the model and the absence of load breaks make it all the relevance.

In terms of volume, how do you see your relationship with Vert chez Vous evolving?

We started our collaboration by entrusting 45 parcels per day to Vert chez Vous. After a well-controlled ramp-up, we are now at 120 parcels a day.

Our short-term objective is to entrust all of our distribution within Paris, i.e. around 240 parcels per day.

How would you sum up your collaboration in one word?

"Satisfied." But if you will allow me two, I will add: " Totally satisfied"