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Ship from store

For a few years now, new consumption patterns have been emerging, boosted by the expansion of e-commerce. Click and Collect and Ship-From-Store are new delivery methods that are increasingly used by retailers. These omnichannel logistics solutions are intended for phygital brands, i.e. brands that have an e-commerce site as well as physical stores.


What are the benefits of a Ship-From-Store solution?

Ship-From-Store, which consists of delivering a customer's online order from a store and not from a logistics platform, is proving to be an important asset for retailers.

Also known as "Click and Delivery", this delivery solution has many advantages for merchants, who can then organize the shipment of orders from the most appropriate store, depending in particular on the stocks available in the store and the geographical location of the final recipient . Each store then becomes a logistics centre, storage costs are optimised and stocks are unified for all points of sale.

On the side of the final recipient, we can see that they benefit from a better customer experience, a greater choice of products on the website and shorter delivery times.


Why choose Vert Chez Vous for your Ship-From-Store delivery?

  • Entrust us with your remote stocks : Our urban logistics spaces are located as close as possible to your stores, in the heart of the largest French cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux)
  • Avoid stock-outs : Thanks to our city delivery services, we ensure the replenishment of your stores in H+2/H+3
  • Convey a positive image to your customers : Our deliveries are premium and environmentally friendly thanks to our fleet of 100% eco-responsible vehicles
  • Choose the best for your products : Our teams are trained to deliver all goods, whatever your type of product (Wines & Spirits, Textiles & Cosmetics, Brown and White Appliances, etc.)


Do you want to set up a Ship-From-Store solution, or optimize your existing deliveries?

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