What is eco-friendly delivery?

Eco-friendly delivery is an environmentally conscious delivery system. This system therefore uses electric or gas-powered commercial vehicles adapted to the urban environment.
In addition, eco-friendly delivery, compared to traditional delivery, has the advantage of presenting a more personalized offer that is more concerned with customer satisfaction and its impact on the environment.

Why use eco-friendly delivery?

Going through eco-friendly delivery has many advantages.

  • Better targeting, optimization of trips by limiting unnecessary journeys
  • Improved efficiency in terms of planning
  • Hand delivery reduces the risk of theft
  • No air pollution with clean vehicles
  • No noise pollution
  • Traffic relief
  • Better brand image

How does this make us more aware?

Vert Chez Vous has chosen eco-friendly delivery because it is the simple and effective solution to improve everyone's daily life. We improve the urban landscape, but we also raise awareness through empowerment and the dissemination of the service, which can only have a positive impact on the environment and on the company's image.

Using eco-friendly delivery means:

  • A more environmentally friendly way of working without changing your habits.
    It makes it possible to include the company, its partners and its customers in an eco-citizenship and eco-responsibility approach.
  • a way to integrate environmental practices into the workplace, which can have a positive effect on the business.

Indeed, to have a real impact on the environment, we must feel concerned and therefore all our actions must be made with the aim of improving the quality of the environment and our daily lives.