Why did Vert Chez Vous choose electric utility bikes?

It is noticeable that very often the means of transport used in the city for the distribution of goods are not the ideal size. Either the van is too large for the volume occupied by the goods, or it has difficulty getting around the city due to its size. And in any case, that's far too much CO² emissions for too few goods.
Vert Chez Vous understands that the best solution in the city for the distribution of small parcels, while respecting the environment, is therefore electric utility bikes.

How are electric utility bikes beneficial?

Electric utility bikes are the only European bikes with independent suspension on each of its three wheels. As a result, they dampen all shocks and eliminate vibrations. As a result, sensitive and fragile products do not take the same risks as in trucks.
And they are more environmentally friendly and reduce noise pollution.
Indirectly, electric utility bikes improve the daily lives of city dwellers.