Vert Chez Vous is extending its own delivery service to downtown Lyon.

Vert Chez Vous, Labatut Group's eco-responsible urban distribution subsidiary, is one of France's pioneers in green last-mile urban distribution. Currently present in Paris, Toulouse and Bordeaux, Vert Chez Vous aims to cover all major French cities, and has announced its move into Lyon.

Like most cities in France, Lyon will be tightening its traffic policy in the city center with the introduction of a ZFE (Zone à Faible Émission - Low Emission Zone) by 2020. This measure to combat atmospheric pollution will have an impact on goods deliveries in the center of Lyon and its immediate suburbs. With its own fleet of electric and natural gas-powered vehicles, as well as three-wheelers, Vert Chez Vous brings a new, environmentally-friendly distribution solution to Lyon's urban center. From sensitive parcels to pallets, the D+ or H+ delivery service is designed for professionals and their end customers.

A true Urban Distribution Area (UDA), the new branch is located at the end of the confluence, with access to the city center in just a few minutes. The Lyon location, at La Mulatière, is strategic, as it is situated as close as possible to businesses and their customers who receive parcels. Its geographical location means that deliveries can be made more efficiently, with short time slots and reduced approach times. To optimize routes, Vert Chez Vous relies on a digital tool that incorporates artificial intelligence technologies. The software, equipped with constrained algorithms, continuously fine-tunes routes and vehicle sizing to reduce the number of kilometers covered and limit congestion.

Drawing on its expertise, Vert Chez Vous offers a "green" delivery service with added value in the city: a high level of security, a "white glove" service, in-store supply, in-room delivery, installation and commissioning, and remote urban stock management... The company has complete control over the delivery chain, with trained salaried delivery drivers and a management team that oversees the entire operation. The company plans to recruit 10 people to support its opening in Lyon.

"We're delighted to be opening this new urban logistics space in Lyon, which reflects our determination to expand into France's major cities. As a pioneer in eco-responsible transport, we want to contribute to the development of clean cities by offering a high-quality, eco-responsible delivery service," concludes Bruno Sanlaville, Vert Chez Vous Director, Labatut Group.