"Whether it's to our customers, our employees or simply to the planet, we contribute to meeting certain commitments"

Vert chez Vous' eco-responsibility commitments:

  • Never outsource your services
  • Never use polluting vehicles
  • Raise awareness among your teams about waste sorting and other eco-responsible attitudes
  • Respecting citizens, not breaking the rules of the road and reducing noise pollution, in other words, offering them a healthier and more pleasant daily life
  • Preserving its urban centres

"Our urban logistics bases make it possible to pool flows and optimise delivery routes to reduce journeys, unnecessary kilometres and equivalent CO² emissions. Preserving them means ensuring the sustainability of our eco-responsible approach. »

Customer commitments:

  • Verify the quality of services with the implementation of contractual KPIs
  • Deploy a win-win plan with the customer
  • Guarantee transparency through the implementation of an EDI (electronic data exchange) with feedback
  • Communicate the monthly CO2 savings achieved so that the customer can count them towards their carbon footprint