Commercial vehicles

For the little ones...

Vert chez Vous has integrated this type of transport into its fleet of clean vehicles to meet all types of customer needs. With a transport capacity of 3.3 m³ and 800 kg, they can deliver heavier loads than a three-wheeler, over a distance of 120 km. Silent and non-polluting, these light commercial vehicles ensure peace of mind and comfort for local residents.

... and medium loads!

Vert chez Vous also provides vehicles with a unit volume ranging from 5.7m³ to 17m³. These vehicles are developed from two technologies: electricity and natural gas, the guarantee of a 100% ecological delivery.

"Our heterogeneous fleet of vehicles allows us to define the vehicle that is best suited to the customer's needs."

From 20m³ to 19 tons

Vert chez Vous' bodied vehicles are dedicated to the transport of pallets, the heaviest parcels or hanging textiles, delivered to the most distant customers.

Designed and designed to meet the needs of urban mobility, these vehicles have an interior door to move from the cab to the rear body without getting out of the vehicle and obstructing the street. The right door also allows the driver to safely exit the vehicle on the curb side. Some of our vehicles are equipped with tailgates at the rear, allowing for easy and safe unloading of pallets.

Vert chez Vous offers its 20m³ for urban tours departing from its warehouses, those of the customer or its shops.

"The comfort and safety of our drivers are at the heart of our interests and are an integral part of the quality of our services."



Bikes and cargo cycles

The electric utility bike from Vert chez Vous, a 3-wheeled bicycle equipped with a trailer, is an additional response to the distribution of small goods in historic city centres with strong traffic restrictions. Its transport capacity (200kg, 2m³) and its small size (1m wide) allow it to squeeze in everywhere and are the guarantee of timely delivery.

Equipped with suspension on each of its 3 wheels, this bike attenuates shocks and eliminates vibrations... The assurance of a 100% secure delivery of sensitive products.

This system, which guarantees the physical comfort of the driver as well as a reduction in the ageing of the mechanics, induces a very reliable tour.

"This audacious mode of transport allows you to move freely and cleanly in the heart of the city, to park without getting in the way on a corner of the sidewalk and not to monopolize the entire urban space...  »