What is eco-responsible urban distribution?

Vert Chez Vous has become the new specialist in eco-responsible urban distribution. Aware of their environment and the risks involved if nothing is done for the city, the founders of Vert Chez Vous considered it essential that the distribution of goods in urban centers be done in an eco-responsible way. That's why they've excluded any vehicle that doesn't run on electric or natural gas from their fleet.

What does this type of distribution bring to the urban landscape?

This eco-responsible urban distribution system aims to significantly reduce fuel consumption, and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.

An eco-responsible urban distribution means:

  • Less CO² emissions
  • Less noise pollution
  • a pooling of flows and therefore less travel and congestion in cities

What are the benefits of eco-responsible urban distribution on citizens?

In a region like Ile de France where there are a million deliveries or pick-ups per day, eco-responsible urban distribution makes sense!
Better air quality means better health for citizens, longer life expectancy and a more beautiful city. Every year in France, tens of billions of euros are disbursed in associated health and social costs.