What is a clean delivery vehicle?

A clean delivery vehicle is a vehicle that produces little or no pollutant emissions per person or unit load transported, when the vehicle is stationary or moving.
Vert Chez Vous opted for the clean delivery vehicle because it fits perfectly with its corporate culture. For this reason, it only uses clean means of transport such as electric bicycles, electric or gas-powered vans (berlingos, vitos).

What are the benefits of a clean delivery vehicle?

The main advantages of the clean delivery vehicle are:

  • Low maintenance: electric motors have few breakdowns, and the whole vehicle is simpler, with far fewer moving parts
  • the absence of air and noise pollution
  • a very low energy bill: around 2 to 3 euros for a "full tank" for a car with batteries, and 10 euro cents for an electrically assisted bicycle.

In this way, the delivery of goods is carried out under the best conditions.

Why choose the electric bike as your delivery vehicle?

A clean delivery vehicle such as an e-bike is specifically designed for urban use with all the constraints that this entails: pavements, speed bumps, parking and traffic problems, accessibility, pollution and fuel consumption, noise and speed of travel.