Specialist in eco-responsible urban logistics

Faced with the challenges of urban logistics, Vert chez Vous has invented a new distribution model that is more efficient, cleaner and quieter, focusing on electric mobility and the complementarity of more economical modes of transport in the heart of the city.

Vert chez Vous has an exclusive fleet of 100% environmentally friendly vehicles, running exclusively on electricity and NGV, two energies that have the lowest rate of greenhouse gas emissions. Bicycles, berlingos, 12m³ and 20m³ are available, carry out urban and suburban tours (exceeding 150 km outside the city). This wide range of volumes covers all needs: parcels, batches, pallets, bulky materials (GEM, TV, furniture, etc.).


The objective of Vert chez Vous is to ensure the delivery of goods to professionals and individuals in the city, to offer affordable top-of-the-range services, while reducing the environmental impact and noise pollution.

"We offer our services in the Paris region, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Lyon and we would like to eventually expand to other major cities to serve our customers throughout France."