Adapting to a new organization of the city

Consumption patterns in urban areas are constantly changing.
This development involves reducing street congestion, reducing greenhouse gases and noise pollution. To this end, cities are developing Low Emission Zones (LEZs), setting up eco-fees for professionals, and increasing the number of meeting zones. These changes in behaviour require us to be more respectful of the environment, cities and their citizens.


Urban distribution in rapid expansion

Aware of the strong development of distribution in the city and the growing demand, particularly from professionals, Vert chez Vous offers complete BtoB and BtoC offers.
As far as private individuals are concerned, many prefer to receive parcels at home rather than waiting in long queues. Faster and less restrictive, this solution has become the option of many city dwellers. As for companies, they also want to benefit from an eco-responsible delivery service without losing efficiency and respecting the constraints related to their business.

"In view of these developments, we want to act accordingly, provide the appropriate solutions, offer innovative distribution services that integrate the principles of sustainable development in the future."