What is an electric scooter?

Vert Chez Vous' electric scooters are three-wheeled electric bikes. They weigh about a hundred kilos, have a load capacity of 200 kg and a volume of 2m3.
The electric scooter is a utility bike equipped with independent suspension on each of its three wheels. They attenuate all shocks and eliminate vibrations.

Why is the electric scooter ideal in the city centre?

Very often, the means of transport used in the city for the distribution of goods are oversized. Sometimes, a simple van delivers a single package, which means a lot of kilometres, space and CO² emissions for too few goods.
A delivery van weighs more than one tonne, delivers an average of less than 100 kg of goods and travels about 15 km over the area to be delivered. We can't say that under these conditions, it's eco-responsible.
The best solution in the city for the distribution of small parcels, while respecting the environment, is electric scooters.

What are the advantages of electric scooters?

With electric scooters, you can:

  • Environmentally friendly (air, historic city centres)
  • Preserves the ageing of vehicles (less wear and tear, breakdowns)
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Protects sensitive products