DIS: an innovative IT solution to support GREEN AT HOME

The challenge of becoming an environmentally-friendly means of transport that meets end-customer expectations while respecting the rules of sustainable development called for a suitable IT tool.

DIS advised and supported VERT CHEZ VOUS in building a relevant and "disruptive" IT solution with multiple benefits.

We had to respond to the growing needs of city dwellers, make use of the latest technological innovations and draw inspiration from the latest forward-looking studies on technological transformations such as the "Physical Internet", to create a tool for the future that was economical, high-performance and met the operational expectations of both loaders and users.

The analysis of existing technical and IT solutions did not meet the expectations and ambitions of the project. This is why VERT CHEZ VOUS decided to entrust its IT and technological project to DIS. Based in Le Blanc Mesnil, and having been a technical player on behalf of TENDRON for many years, this company brought all its know-how to bear in building an information system adapted to the mobility and traceability essential to such a project, by constructing software solutions and taking into account the end customer's sensitivity to dematerialization.

It's all based on the following idea: Become a means of transport, not just a carrier.

Mobility management through the development of on-board applications for utility bicycles makes it possible to include the end customer in the delivery chain.

  • Real-time positioning,
  • Automatically send proximity alerts to the customer to be delivered,
  • digital signatures,

The availability of a mobile application for the end customer to ensure traceability of his delivery are all elements that enable VERT CHEZ VOUS to offer a real service to its customers.

An information system based on the mobility of players, the transparency of actions, not using mobility as a remote website, but as real interactive applications that meet functional expectations.

For VERT CHEZ VOUS, innovation means not taking inspiration from the B TO B and B TO C concepts of the past, but rather SO-LO-MO, i.e. Social-Local-Mobile, and introducing all players into its information system.

VERT CHEZ VOUS, strengthens its logistics and transport organization through this challenge of innovation in its IT and technological solutions.