Gilles Manuelle (Vert chez Vous) presents the Bateau + Vélo distribution model on BFM Business

Since May 7, 2012, Vert chez Vous, the specialist in eco-responsible urban distribution, has been sailing its barge "Vokoli" on the Seine, and serving the Parisian arrondissements with its electric tricycles. The company provides on-the-fly delivery services by storing goods on the barge and then delivering them by bike in the heart of Paris.

Vert chez Vous, a specialist in ecological and non-polluting urban logistics, is changing the rules of conventional delivery and revolutionizing the logic of urban distribution. A barge in the brand's colours now criss-crosses the banks of the Seine between the port of Tolbiac (13th century) and the Port of Grenelle (15th century). This barge acts as a floating and itinerant warehouse on which a Vert chez Vous team prepares the daily rounds before being delivered by bicycles. These 18 cargo bikes can each carry 160 kg of goods. Five stopovers along the Seine with a round trip during the day. In total, this represents 140 m3 that can be delivered every day of the week to an average of 1500 recipients.

Vert chez vous is an innovative and avant-garde concept that makes the preservation of urban space a priority. The company provides an answer to the capital's congestion and pollution problem.  Faced with restrictive road traffic and congestion in urban centres, bicycles ensure efficient logistics. Ease of convoy, punctuality, speed... There are many advantages to delivering by utility tricycle.