Veolog Fashion and Vert chez Vous, MUJI's new logistics/distribution duo

The Japanese brand MUJI has entrusted its multi-channel logistics and BtoB and BtoC delivery to Veolog Fashion and Vert chez Vous. This is the first experience of synergy within the Labatut Group, which confirms its desire to offer a complete service to its customers.

"We initially entrusted our BtoC distribution to Vert chez Vous in the spring of 2012. This choice was obvious since our two companies share common values of environmental protection, quality of service and cost control," explained Eric Quenouille, CFO of MUJI France.

"This winter, we changed logistics providers and completely redesigned our organization with the Veolog Fashion team. We have thus pooled the storage and distribution of our Parisian stores.  The links that MUJI had with Gilles Manuelle and his team at Vert chez Vous prompted the Japanese company to ask the Veolog Fashion team. Led by its director Edouard Sierocki, it has been able to make a difference.

The move took place in December, MUJI France's busiest and most strategic period. "The Veolog Fashion teams have done a great job!" continues Eric Quenouille. They were fast and very efficient. We have not experienced any disruptions, either to the stores or to our end customers. Finally, we took advantage of the natural synergy of the two companies to entrust the delivery of our 11 Parisian Vert stores to Vous.

On the other hand: multi-channel logistics managed by Veolog Fashion. Three times a week, Veolog Fashion receives and checks the shared merchandise for all French stores and the MUJI e-boutique, coming from the central European hub located in the vicinity of London. One of Veolog Fashion's added values lies in the preparation of fine orders and in its role as a regulator: "Muji represents more than 3600 references, ranging from pens to sofas," says Edouard Sierocki. " Orders are therefore very heterogeneous and it can happen that a store that has overordered can only receive a part of its products. In this case, we automatically adjust their order and keep the additional products in our buffer stock. We then feed them back into the feeds as soon as the store has sold its stock. For all of this service, Veolog Fashion has set up a web portal that allows the brand's French management teams to have visibility of flows on order preparation, shipments and stocks in real time for stores and the e-commerce site.

On the battery side: eco-responsible BtoB and BtoC distribution provided by Vert chez Vous. Vert chez Vous' mission is to deliver to MUJI stores in the Paris region according to a predefined time slot. The company also delivers to individuals (Paris and the outer suburbs). To do this, Vert chez Vous has set up a common schedule for all of the brand's stores. Intended to optimize resources and deliveries, it ensures that a planned delivery is a successful delivery for MUJI and its customers. "For these deliveries by appointment, we often do a double pick-up from the warehouse and from the store to prepare a complete order.

"That's why we ensure the traceability of transported flows regardless of their point of departure," says Gilles Manuelle, director of Vert chez Vous. Delivery drivers validate deliveries by the customer's signature on their smartphones. They collect packaging (plastic, cardboard and pallets), and can also provide technical deliveries with assembly or take care of goods returns.  When it comes to delivering to individuals, our teams convey the image of MUJI and must be exemplary, respectful and on time. Vert chez Vous relies on its fleet of light electric and CNG vehicles of less than 3.5T (small commercial vehicles and rigids of 20m3). "Our group's policy is closely linked to respect for the environment. The choice of Vert chez Vous was therefore quite legitimate. Not to mention that their organization is completely unique and that their quality of service is exemplary," concludes Eric Quenouille.