Vert Chez Vous launches the first eco-responsible multimodal distribution service in Paris

Vert chez Vous launches the 1st eco-responsible multimodal distribution service in Paris!

On May 7, Vert chez Vous, the specialist in eco-responsible urban distribution, is launching a unique distribution service in Paris combining a warehouse barge with a fleet of electric utility bicycles. This innovative solution, the only one of its kind in France, was awarded the "innovative project" label by the Nov@log competitiveness cluster on March 16.

Itinerant river warehouse + Electric utility bikes

The Vert chez Vous management team, comprising Erik Orliaguet, CEO of Groupe Tendron, André Labatut, CEO of Groupe Labatut and Gilles Manuelle, Director, has been working on this project for several months. This multimodal distribution process, combining two clean modes of transport, is an integral part of the DNA of Vert chez Vous," explains Gilles Manuelle. Right from the start, we made this project an essential step in our development in the Paris region.

A floating, mobile warehouse

From May 2, Vert chez Vous will be launching a floating warehouse on the Seine to serve all the arrondissements of Paris. The barge, specially fitted out by Vert chez Vous, will operate as a full-fledged logistics platform, carrying staff, goods and a fleet of electric utility bicycles to deliver 3,000 parcels a day.

Departing from the port of Tolbiac (13th arrondissement), the Vert chez Vous barge makes a round trip on the Seine, unloading electric utility bicycles at each of its 10 ports of call, which will then criss-cross Paris to deliver to BtoB customers. In all, this represents a total carrying capacity of 144 m3 per day for the entire fleet.
An innovative solution recognized by Nov@log and already adopted by manufacturers

This 100% eco-responsible solution has just been recognized as an "innovative project" by the Nov@log competitiveness cluster. This label is very important for us," explains Gilles Manuelle. Through it, the French government recognizes that our project is particularly pioneering, and that it deserves to be supported if we are to succeed in turning it into an industrial model that can be duplicated in Europe within the next few years. It's a wonderful recognition!

This view is shared by many manufacturers, since Vert chez Vous will be distributing BtoB flows from Raja, Les Laboratoires Wala (Dr.Hauschka), Saint-Gobain Distribution, Sanofi, Jacquet and Veolog Fashion from May onwards. The service provider is also in discussion with other major players with a strong interest in this solution.

Vert chez Vous, a top-of-the-range reference in urban goods distribution

Since the creation of Vert chez Vous, our ambition has been to become a "top-of-the-range" player in the urban goods distribution market, by offering innovative concepts and exemplary, personalized and measured quality of service," continues Gilles Manuelle. We were able to set up this unique solution with the support and expertise of our partners".

Vert chez Vous has created its concept with the technical expertise of LET (Laboratoire d'Economie du Transport, CNRS), SCET (a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts), the IT company DIS, IDIT (Institut du Droit International du Transport), the Port Autonome de Paris and the inland shipping company Euroflots.

With this new service, Vert chez Vous targets BtoB flows by pooling the flows of several customers. Rounds are concentrated at the barge's departure point, according to delivery zones. Since the barge has a precise schedule for docking at its ports of call, customers know the time slots for deliveries.
And soon in France's 25 biggest cities

Backed by a solid financial base, Vert chez Vous has serious ambitions to duplicate this organization in France's 25 biggest cities. "Our business model, which combines an intramural logistics base with a fleet of clean vehicles, is performing well, and we benefit from a substantial financial base thanks to our shareholders. The Tendron and Labatut transport groups are both family-run businesses, with strong roots in France. Between them, they have sales of 80 million euros and capital of over 9 million euros. The combination of their business expertise and financial capabilities, coupled with an efficient business model, means that our project is set for the long term," concludes Gilles Manuelle.

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