Eco-responsible: the policy of Vert Chez Vous

At a time when awareness of the consequences of global warming is global but concrete actions to remedy them are still struggling to be implemented, Vert Chez Vous, a socially responsible and eco-responsible company, is a pioneer in this area thanks to its environmental policy and its solutions for limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Vert Chez Vous' eco-responsible policy contributes to:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Less polluting cities
  • Relieving congestion on the streets
  • Reduce waste generation (vehicles last longer)
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Reduce stress

What does it mean to be eco-responsible?

Being eco-responsible means having the desire to limit your carbon footprint in terms of transporting people and goods, by using only clean and silent vehicles that do not emit any polluting emissions.
Above all, it is a responsible behaviour towards others and one's environment, which translates into concrete actions.
An eco-responsible person is one who implements an alternative to the current and so-called "mass" mode of consumption that reduces the impact on the environment at all levels.

Why is being eco-friendly good for the planet?

Global warming is a fact today and everyone at their own level must participate in this fight against this climate change. Companies have a special responsibility because they are the ones who design the products available on the market.
That's why Vert Chez vous makes it a point of honour to always follow this eco-responsible path from the beginning.